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Who's behind the news? is a resource guide for journalists. We show who's behind the news, and provide tools to help navigate the modern business of information.

The Team

Gordon J. Whiting


Gordon is a Los Angeles-based radio news producer. He cofounded in 2020.

About Gordon


Member, Society for Professional Journalists

Member, Reporters Without Borders

Andrew Blaisdell


Aaren Stade

Chief Technology Officer

Aaren is a veteran of several Bay Area tech startups. He is a graduate of the Oakland School for the Arts, with a specialty in digital art and design.

Simon Landau

Software Development Engineer

Simon is an art and science hybrid, equally adept on double bass and web dev. A recent USC graduate in computer science, Simon brings his contagious creative energy to the user experience at

Curtis Whiting

Staff Editor

Curtis is a writer and editor based in Berkeley, California. A graduate of the College of Marin, Curt is currently working on a comedy of errors set in Elizabethan Lancashire.

About Curtis

Member, Society for Professional Journalists

Talla Khattat

Senior Reporter

Talla is currently a Communication major and Film minor at UCLA; she intends to combine journalism and entertainment as a full-time career after graduation, in Spring '24.


Member, Society for Professional Journalists

Damon Gitelman

Staff Writer

An experienced journalist and editor, Damon came to Newsjunkie through his work as webmaster for He earned a PhD in Philosophy from University of Calgary in 1991.

Terry Southern


Member, Society for Professional Journalists

Angie Coiro

Contributing Writer

Angie is a San Francisco-based broadcast journalist. With a portfolio touching all manner of news-maker interviews, from scientists to politicians, Angie has been an enduring presence on Bay Area radio for twenty-five years.

Ben Whiting

System Engineer

Ben is a UC Santa Barbara senior, majoring in Film. He is planning to combine his media skills with urban planning and architecture.

Ramona Kreisel

Contributing Writer

Ramona holds a journalism degree from Emerson College, where she contributed to the journal Stretch, and authored a series of reports on Boston's landmark neighborhoods.

Sasha Virk

Contributing Writer

Currently a Political Science major at UC Berkeley, Sasha previously worked in research and investigative journalism at Voice of America and Indian Express News.


Member, Society for Professional Journalists

Aadya Chidanand

Contributing Writer

Ady recently earned her MA at USC Annenberg Graduate School of Journalism.

Writing, Photography and Filmmaking

Muck Rack


Member, Society for Professional Journalists

Who's behind the news?

In our opinion, knowing who controls the press is as important as the news itself. Without an understanding of the character and intentions of ownership, the validity of reporting falls into question.

Most news journals were locally-owned until changes in media law allowed for greater concentration of ownership and less scrutiny. Before the Internet disrupted revenue models, newspapers were already under pressure to deliver big results for corporate owners.

Infotainment became a buzzword in the trade decades ago, along with euphemisms like soft news and news you can use. The profit motive, not necessarily a bad thing, led to a demotion of serious reporting in favor of shallower fare. The next trend was worse, with newspapers and broadcast outlets producing rage-inducing “red-meat” stories to grab audience attention.

Weaponization of the media—we won’t comment on that characterization. In contrast, we can say there are many news organizations that aspire to integrity, transparency, and professionalism. We see rising vitality in investigative reporting, explanatory journalism and conflict reporting, and new energy in college journalism. New funding models are proliferating. The business is changing, not dying. is a resource for journalists. We will offer information on news organizations, media owners, and advertisers—their focus, organization, and end-game.

This is a grassroots effort; we believe it has to be. You can help us achieve our mission’s essence and scope.

If you are a journalist, we need your inside view on what’s happening in your organization and the broader media market (and if we have made errors in coverage, you will let us know).

If you are a service that sells to media professionals, we invite you to work with us to help build a sustainable business model.

If you are just starting your career in journalism, we could use your help writing, editing, and fact-checking. We will not succeed without the passion and partnership of committed young professionals.

We believe this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Team Newsjunkie is a resource guide for journalists. We show who's behind the news, and provide tools to help navigate the modern business of information.

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